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Yr 3-4

​In term 3, Year 3/4 students were learning about the importance of place to different groups and individuals within Australia. We investigated world heritage sites, both natural and man-made, and we had a close look at how a person's point of view often shapes his or her feelings about a place.
In term 4, the class will be completing a 3-week project looking at a significant place in their local community. As part of this project, students will need to choose a place and supply at least one photograph of that place. The place needs to be fairly specific and not a whole area or town. For example, we looked at a couple of significant places near to the school, including the old Lowood train station and the cemetery along Manthey Road. The place they choose could also be a natural spot, such as a creek or park. To assist in completing their project, students will need to visit their chosen place to take a photograph. It would be preferable if the photo, or photos, are brought into school using a memory stick.
As part of their project, students will also need to interview 3 to 5 people and ask their opinions about the place they have chosen. The questions for this part of the project will be completed by week 3 of the term.

Watch our growing map of Brisbane River Valley Significant Places .